Can a hairstyle give you a headache?

Usually, anything that causes pressure on the scalp increases the chance of getting headaches. A simple ponytail, tied too tightly, is a common headache trigger for women of all ages. Anyone with long hair has had a headache related to their hair at some point. However, it is not the length, which directly causes the headache.

So, the answer to the question “Can long hair give you a headache? it's yes and no. Migraine sufferers are more likely to suffer from headaches with this hairstyle because of the basal level of hypersensitivity of the nerves around the face and scalp. The easiest remedy that Chou suggests is to simply relax your hairstyle, avoiding tight bows, pigtails, headbands, and anything that constricts the scalp. While this hairstyle is making a comeback, there are certain drawbacks that can stem from having such long hair.

If your headache isn't directly related to the hairstyle you're wearing and the pain is more at the roots of your hair, most of the time the solution is to simply wash it off. Medical News Today defines traction alopecia as “hair loss caused by tight hairstyles.” After complaining to my best friend, she pointed out that my favorite training hairstyle was the likely cause of my headaches. Whether you're exercising or cleaning up your messy house, there's no other hairstyle as comfortable and practical as the classic tall ponytail. Allodynia can spread all over your head, and any contact with that area can make you feel uncomfortable, including combing.

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