When to change hair stylists?

Here are the reasons why you might be prepared for a change and how to have an amicable break with your hairdresser, your last haircut was horrible, your stylist is always late, their prices have gone up too high, they no longer see your vision of hair. Changing a stylist in the same salon can be a complicated situation and egos can easily be damaged. In the event of a room change (which sounds like a reality show I would watch), I would take action immediately. There can be a variety of reasons why people leave their current stylist or barber and find another.

It could be the increase in costs, the lack of available appointments, or maybe just the distance. Sometimes, you might not like the way the stylist cuts your hair. You shouldn't surprise your stylist with a request for a new color when you're just going to trim it. However, when they know what you need beforehand and rush to make the next appointment, that's one of the signs that you need to change your hairdresser.

Some stylists work better under pressure, but when you're feeling rushed and don't get the result you want, there's a problem. A study conducted by payment company Square in January found that a third of Canadians surveyed said they had “tricked their stylists into trying someone else. Plus, they give you a completely different hairstyle even after showing them images of what you want. If a stylist recommends someone else to you, you shouldn't feel bad about seeing the new stylist full time if you like that job better.

If you've been faithful to your stylist for years, moving to a new salon can feel like a betrayal. I have often witnessed the end of a long relationship between the client and the stylist, and I have been perplexed. Vella recommends telling them that you're going to another stylist or a different salon, because they might see that you went there anyway on social media. I think that with a stylist, as in all relationships that exist, there is a schedule for it and it's not always forever.

The moment a stylist cares about himself and stops listening to what his client wants, everything goes downhill.

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