Which hair styling products should i use?

In general, ointments are great if you want your hair to be clean and smooth. If you use a comb, you'll most likely want to try our ointment. Essential for smooth, high-gloss hairstyles that require cement-level fixation, the pomade is a thick, viscous product perfect for creating sharp, Don Draper-style locks, pompadours and side separations. For men who like a light-to-the-touch finish, styling cream adds a subtle shine to your locks and ensures a low hold to, at best, medium.

Gel, a gelatinous substance used to hold and style hair, is undoubtedly the most popular men's styling product on the market. It is also, unfortunately, the most frequently abused. Despite its ubiquity, gel isn't really the everyday styling product that many men think it is. In fact, unless you opt for a mohawk-inspired, pointed mohawk mound or manga on a daily basis, a high-strength, high-gloss hair gel is probably one of the worst products you could (badly) use.

Of course, it provides good support and a striking wet-looking finish, but when used as a way to lightly shape hair or sweep a fringe, which is what many men born in the 1980s believed the gel was meant to believe, it leaves your head in a mess of frozen, leathery and dry solid strands life. For fans of the above-mentioned styles, the gel still has a place in the bath bag, although you should remember to always apply it sparingly. For everyone else, there's literally anything else. Like a mix between styling cream and pomade, hair paste is a thick but very flexible styling product that gives hair a textured look, while offering medium to strong hold.

Truly versatile, the paste is versatile enough to be used on short, medium and long hair (of all thicknesses) to create a wide variety of different styles, ranging from slightly shaped bangs to, when used together with a hair dryer, more voluminous styles, such as a loose tuft. Most pastes leave hair with a matte finish (although slightly shinier options are also offered) and, being water-based, they also tend to wash off quite easily. Between a gel and an ointment, hair wax offers a better hold than the first, but is more manageable (and washes more easily) than the second. Keep in mind that, although wax isn't as thick and heavy as pomade, it's not a good choice for thin or curly hair that hasn't been heated yet.

Hair clay, a drier, opaque and less sticky alternative to pomade and wax, is the perfect product for creating medium to strong hold styles with a matte finish; think of loose strands and bed styles with a highly textured appearance. Like paste and wax, clay can be reworked a few hours after application, but not to the same extent as its more flexible counterparts; in terms of its grip, it works more like a natural looking ointment. It's also worth noting that hair clay is formulated with real clay (usually bentonite or kaolin, which are natural substances), which swells to increase hair volume and give a positive boost to your overall body and shape. There is also some evidence to suggest that the active ingredient in clay detoxifies hair and scalp, helping to remove metals and toxins, while providing much needed minerals, such as sodium, potassium and calcium.

While it may look like something that belongs in the fridge's condiment drawer instead of the bathroom cabinet, sea salt spray is, in fact, an essential element for relatively new men's hair style. Not just for your grandmother, hairspray is a must for styles that need a serious touch. Made with a blend of polymers, hair sprays provide structural support to the hair, helping it maintain its shape and, at the same time, giving it a healthy dose of shine. Unlike its roster mates here, Lacquer is more of a supporting act than a main event.

Rather than being a styling product in and of itself, it's designed to be used at the end of the hairstyle to reinforce any shape you've created, helping to “fix” the style so it doesn't wilt within a few hours. Hairspray comes in a variety of concentrations, from flexible to medium and strong, but unless you want to add shine to your hair at the beauty contest level, it doesn't make sense to use anything other than the strong. While it may seem like a modern trend, men have been using products to style their hair throughout history. For example, the use of ointment dates back to the 19th century.

With so many product categories, brands, and formula variations on the market today, choosing the best hair care products can seem overwhelming. Sea salt spray is a relatively new type of product and is fantastic for giving hair a natural texture. Sea salt spray doesn't freeze hair in place like hairspray does; it provides a textured finish and maintains a bit of movement. Works well for almost all hair types.

This is a sea salt spray from Davines, it is the perfect natural solution for adding texture to any type of hair. It gives body and volume, making your hair look freshly disheveled but pleasant to the touch. Hair creams add a subtle shine to the hair while providing a small amount of hold and softness. Styling creams can be great for men who want a soft, lightweight hold that adds a natural-looking shine.

They work best for short to medium hair lengths. Styling paste is thicker than a pomade but thinner than clay or wax. It's ideal for a variety of sleek, disheveled styles that are popular today. It is best for short or medium hairstyles.

The ointment comes in a variety of formulas and can be oil- or water-based. The pomade is perfect for creating elegant looks and hairstyles on medium length hair. Think of gangsters from the '20s or rock stars. Baxter of California cream ointment provides a lightweight hold and a gorgeous natural finish.

Not too heavy or too greasy. Adds moisture, controls frizz and creates a classic, soft and pleasant to the touch look that lasts. Hair gel is a popular product that can be used to create many styles that will stay in place throughout the day. The gel hardens when exposed to air to create a firm hold.

Can be used for all hair types. The R+Co flexible motorcycle gel provides maximum control while maintaining some flexibility. It can be used to create many stunning styles and is formulated with high-quality nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower seed extract and keratin. Wax is like gel because it creates a firm hold.

However, hair wax is also usually very flexible and quite resistant to water. Think bright surfer hairstyles, fake falcons, dreadlocks and spiked looks. Redken's Maneuver Work Wax unisex wax is an easy-to-use wax that provides texture and control while being easy to mold and looks natural. Hair fiber adds thickness and texture to medium and short hairstyles.

It usually has a matte finish and increases volume and fullness. Hair clay is very similar to styling wax, but with a more natural matte finish that softens the hair. Hairspray creates a gel-like effect, but with the application of aerosol without intervention. It comes in different holding forces and can be used on any type of hair.

The American Crew spray gel for men, with medium hold, provides an all-day hold without looking too hard or artificial, and is also created with high quality ingredients. Shorter hairstyles will have a little more texture, but wavy hair shines in medium to long lengths due to its natural wavy pattern. Both are the equivalent of superglue for hairstyles, and are best used on medium to thick hair to create ambitious styles with a lot of height. FREEZE hairspray is perfect for adding the finishing touches to any hairstyle, as it stays in place all day long.

Hair pastes are probably the most versatile men's hair products and can be used for just about any hairstyle. Hair clays are perfect for hairstyles that require volume without the product weighing down the hair. Pomades are an excellent option if you are looking for a clean and smooth hairstyle, like that hairstyle look from the 50s. Use mousse to get the initial volume, and then use another product, such as a hair paste, to better define and shape your hairstyle.

Of all the hairdressing products, hair cream for men is the one that most closely resembles sebum (which, if you remember anything before, is the natural moisturizer for hair and scalp), so it's best for men who want to reproduce that soft, frizz-free look that comes from not washing their hair for one or more years Two days. . .

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