Which hair styling product is best?

Pastes, ointments and everything else. These men's hair products will make you feel good, no matter what hairstyle you choose. If we were to recommend a basic hair product for most men, then a decent clay would be our choice. Anyone who sticks with the traditional short haircut on the back and sides will see the benefits, as it offers a hold that lasts all day and gives you a little extra thickness.

In addition, you avoid the overly shiny look that can come with other pastes and gels, in favor of a more natural and matte aesthetic. Every time you see a Hollywood celebrity with a perfect touch (think Ryan of the Gosling and Reynolds variety), they're likely using clay or paste. Paste is a lot like clay, as it's a versatile hair product that's hard to go wrong with. In other words, you should probably have a pot with those things in your travel bag.

The trick to get the best out of any pasta? Apply it to your hair when it's wet for a longer hold, lots of shine and significantly greater styling potential, especially if you have a comb and a hair dryer handy. Better yet, if your follicles are shrinking, a paste will trick the world into thinking you have more volume. Chances are you haven't used an ointment before, and it's probably a good choice. Why? This hair product requires a little knowledge to apply it correctly and make you look as shiny as Don Draper or the King of Rock'N'Roll.

As such, that plain back look is best reserved for special black tie occasions. When it hits the mark, a pomed-based hairstyle is truly a sight to behold. The key here is to be careful with the application and opt for a water-based ointment, which is easier to wash off than an oil-based alternative. If your barnet almost qualifies for a scissor cut, then getting a good wax is largely the way to go.

It will give shine and texture to your hair, but it's a much more manageable product to use and wash than a pomade, especially since you can use it to remove loose hairs and align them. With a fun texture and designed to create more extreme styles, the popular Tigi line by award-winning stylist Anthony Mascolo has always been synonymous with cheerful expression and has been at the forefront of developing innovative styling products to help you achieve those dreams. Bed Head is Tigi's boldest product line, and Manipulator Texture Paste has become an iconic product within that range. Suitable for all hair types, but more effective for short to medium length hairstyles, it is reinforced with styling polymers that add definition, but with a flexible hold (so it doesn't dry out and crunch).

Actively creates texture between hair fibers to promote thicker-looking hair, protects against frizz and moisture, and provides a firm hold. Maximum texture with minimal effort and perfumed with a retro coconut scent inspired by Pina Colada, a little goes a long way and can be applied to damp or dry hair, depending on the desired finish. At Amazon, Co, UK, clays are your best option if you're looking to achieve a natural effect with a matte finish and a firm but moldable hold. The only negative is that many of these clays tend to dry out the hair and can cause damage such as split ends and strands that are too porous.

Moroccanoil's textured clay counteracts these drying effects with its deeply hydrating and moisturizing blend of argan oil and shea butter, combined with bentonite clay to define and sculpt; specially formulated to give you time to comb before firmness takes hold. A versatile product, suitable for all hair types, that helps achieve rough textured finishes in shorter hairstyles and controls and controls frizz for longer locks. Its malleable clay texture is not sticky or greasy and can be applied to dry or damp hair. WHO SHOULD USE OINTMENT? The ointment is an excellent choice for all hair types and can be used by men with thin and thick hair.

We recommend using pomade in classic short to medium styles, such as side parts, combovers, pompadours and puffs. Regardless of whether you opt for an oil or water base, the ointment will give you a very well-groomed look. They are excellent for longer hairstyles where you want to preserve the hair's natural bounce and, at the same time, prevent frizz. It is better to apply it to longer hairstyles, but good for all types of hair, spray it directly on dry or damp hair (depending on the dirt you want to remove) and massage it with your fingers.

Ideal for longer hairstyles and formulated to work on all hair types and textures, the non-greasy solution, infused with salt from the Aegean Sea, provides a beach-inspired surfer style and a windswept coastal texture. Suitable for vegans and free of parabens, petroleum and paraffin, it is a basic hairdressing product and should be in every man's arsenal. Few hairdressing products have received as much attention over the past year as sea salt spray, and for good reason. Medium hold: this type of hair spray is suitable for hairstyles that need volume but not too much stiffness.

For longer hairstyles, it really helps to add a little control and natural flow, while helping to enhance hair waves. There's a lot of love in the fashion world for Ouai, the luxury hair care line founded by famous stylist Jen Atkin. It also allows you to maintain most of your hairstyles on a daily basis without much build-up, and you can do hairstyling touches at noon that aren't difficult. Pomade is the classic men's hair styling product, so much so that the word pomade has become a de facto general term for many men's hair styling products.

And some have a stronger hold compared to others, so it's essential to define what you want to achieve by using creams, as well as your favorite hairstyle. Ideal for short and medium length hairstyles, it is easy to use and has excellent flexibility; its flexible movement allows the hair to be reprocessed throughout the day, leaving no visible residue. . .

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