Why is barbering important?

Traditionally they've been more than just a place to go get a haircut; they're a place for men to socialize. In the past, trips to the barbershop were a weekly ritual and men would line up to shave and cut their hair. According to Sharpologist, “barbershops created special social connectivity with their customers. It's a good time to get into the hairdressing game.

With the career expected to grow at a rate of 13% until 2026, barbershops and beauty salons are clamoring to hire trained barbers with hands-on training and on-the-job experience. In fact, many professional colleges and vocational schools are struggling to meet labor market demand, so they have started offering shorter hairdresser training programs than ever before. While most barbers start working in someone else's store, it's common to see experienced barbers expand and start their own business. In fact, 72% of barbers in the United States describe themselves as self-employed.

All you need is the right professional training, your tools, and a strong set of customers. Our helpful advisors can help you decide if you're ready to transition to a new career as a barber. Contact IBMC College at 866-273-6442 to schedule a no-pressure tour of their campus beauty salon in Fort Collins, Greeley or Longmont today. Barbers can get a good job anywhere in the world, since getting a haircut is a basic necessity and not a luxury necessity, so there's always a demand for barbers around the world.

If you want to travel and expand your horizons, hairdressing is an excellent career option, as job prospects are good all over the world. Earning the NVQ 2 or NVQ 3 barbershop qualification will also help you qualify as a qualified worker and increase the chances of obtaining a work visa that allows you to work in your desired destination. He also wants people not to forget that when the world shut down due to a national pandemic, barbers were considered essential and the world saw for itself the importance of barbering. Barbers are one of the professions that help.

They improve people's lives by giving them confidence in themselves. People who are confident move around the world in a more positive way. They take advantage of new opportunities with zeal. Leaving the barbershop with a spring in your way can lead them to their next job or relationship.

You'll form a bond with your regular customers and they'll share their lives with you. Many barbers become trusted advisors to their regular customers. Some barbers like to volunteer their time, contributing to the community in different ways. One of them is to offer free or low-cost clippings on certain days or to do makeovers to homeless men.

A smart barber can even offer free haircuts to children who have a certain grade point average on their report card at the end of the school year. Establishing a customer when you're young can bring them back to adulthood. In general, a barber shop is the preferred option when buying a short hairstyle, such as a military cut or a fade.

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