Which hairstyle is best for less hair fall?

A low ponytail is a very easy and versatile hairstyle to prevent hair loss. Super-tall pigtails tend to be tighter and put more pressure on the crown of the head. Low pigtails allow you to tie your hair not so tight. To style a low ponytail, keep a middle part and extend your hair back.

One of the simplest and most low-maintenance hairstyles for fine hair is the pixie cut. The cut is designed to fit close to the head and, if combed properly, it actually shows the eyes and camouflages the look of thin hair with long layers, Baadsgaard says. The pixie can be used to create a lot of texture, allowing you to place your hair in areas where you may be experiencing hair loss. The texture and movement are great for creating an impression of fullness, Rivera adds.

Certain hair accessories, such as hairpins, tweezers and elastic bands, can cause severe hair breakage when used to keep hair firmly in place. Pigtails, braids, or tight braids can also cause tension in the hair and cause it to break and appear thin. For healthy hair, experts recommend minimizing the use of hair accessories and not continuously wearing hairstyles that pull your hair. And when using hair accessories, choose hairpins with rounded tips, rubber-filled tweezers, and fabric hair bands instead of elastic bands.

For fine hair, a snap cut with nail clippers with a number two blade all over the place is a good option. A thin beard, similar to the one Idris Elba wears here, adds a fashionable touch and draws attention to the face. This is a good choice for a man with thin hair that can grow easily with full but still clean facial hair. Bicoastal stylist Sarah Potempa cites this cut as one of her favorite options to help give volume to fine hair.

And, if you lose weight in specific areas of the scalp, you can get creative with a deep part, braids and hair wraps that camouflage hair loss and frame the face, says Ruthie Thom, stylist at Lustro Hair. On the other hand, the famous stylist and CEO of Phenix Salons, Gina Rivera, says you should try a blunt cut because it creates fullness. Not only does a deep side part hide thinning, but this hairstyle helps create volume and fullness around the face, Rivera says. For curly but fine hair, Los Angeles stylist Irinel de Leon recommends making sure your stylist specializes in curly hair.

To go the extra mile to make hair look thicker, Teddi Cranford, stylist, owner and creative director of White Rose Collective in New York City, recommends adding a volumizing powder to your regimen. Antonio Banderas has almost always shown off his delicious locks in a longer hairstyle, but you don't need a full head of hair to achieve this look. But thanks to the twist, all that density doubles, making the hairstyle look really thick around the perimeter.

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