Which hairstyling iron is best?

Harry Josh Pro Tools ceramic flat styler. BaBylisPro Nano Titanium mini straightener. Before using each iron, I started with freshly washed, conditioned and towel-dried hair. While my hair was wet, I first generously sprayed a heat protector (I used this Bumble %26 Bumble oil) everywhere.

I then dried my hair with a round brush to make it dry, but I didn't take any more time to style it. I divided my hair into six or eight sections with tweezers and began to straighten the back of my neck, holding the hair in sections about an inch as close to the scalp as possible and sliding the iron down from root to tip. I continued with each section until I reached the top of my head. I evaluated how many strokes each straightener needed to make my hair smooth, soft, shiny and frizz-free.

I also checked how long the effects lasted, looking for frizz after six and 12 hours. In particular, flat irons are a versatile tool that can help you achieve multiple hairstyles with a single device, you can straighten or curl your hair and create beach waves, among other popular looks. Since the first time I reported this story, I have continued to test the Harry Josh Pro Tools ceramic flat hair straightener, the Chi Original Ceramic hair straightener and the GHD Platinum Plus straightener for three months. Let's start with how beautiful this dazzling Chi The Sparkler Lava ceramic hair iron will look for styling in your bathroom or on the top of your vanity.

The Chi Original ceramic hairdressing iron doesn't have multiple temperature options, but it has a warm-up time of less than 30 seconds and an extra long swivel cord (more than 10 feet) that gives you extra reach when combing.

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