Which hairstyle is best for hair?

The low bun is an absolutely classic hairstyle for healthy hair. With that bow securely placed on the back of the neck, gravity won't pull the hair follicles any time soon. If you've done a low bun before, you might want to create a ponytail before twisting your hair around yourself. It's OK to do this if you want a very tidy and tidy style, however, make sure the ponytail doesn't fit too tight.

Half up and half down was a big trend a few years ago, but it's still the perfect hairstyle for healthy hair. There are a few methods for making a tall bun. First of all, you can use the same method as with a low bun, where you twist your hair around itself. This creates a rounder and tidier bun.

Placement is also key to a low ponytail. Instead of having your ponytail resting on the back of your neck, lift it a little higher. This lifts facial features, rather than dragging them down. Space bows are an excellent healthy hairstyle option, since the scalp won't be burdened by the total weight of the hair.

A textured and asymmetrical bob like that of actress Vanessa Hudgens is the best hairstyle to make fine hair look fuller. The irregular cut gives dimension to the hair, while the subtle waves offer volume and movement. As we approach summer, Chicago stylist Alex Brown says you should expect a lot of long hair with long, windy layers. To get the look, “ask your stylist for layers that frame the face starting below the chin.

There are many wonderful hairstyles to choose from, whether you prefer more elegant and timeless looks or modern, daring styles. Actress Sally Field's hairstyle shows us how a curling iron and a little teasing from the root can go a long way. Alternatively, you can also combine this look with the medium up and half down hairstyle to create small baby buns (how nice). But remember that this normally only happens when you wear these tight hairstyles every day, for an extended period of time.

Add to this the fact that all waves are different and you have a rather changeable barnet, says famous stylist Oliver J. If your hair is not only thick but also rebellious, then opt for a messy and flattering hairstyle, like this beauty one here. However, while it's OK to wear these styles on occasional occasions, we really don't recommend them as everyday hairstyles if you want healthy hair. Because of the density of this type of hair, the vertical feats of styling are more difficult to master, so for greater ease, it's better to work with gravity rather than against it.

Using protective hairstyles can help keep your hair healthy, however, if you style your hair with box dye every two weeks, it's likely that the hairstyles won't help much.

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